SpecKartS Ethos

2016 was one of the fastest action packed years in Gravity Racing/Soap Box Racing, higher speeds (new world records), more advanced Karts than we’d ever seen, more races, more interest than ever in our sport, with the added exposure of The Red Bull Soap Box Races, it turned out to be the best ever.

Unfortunately with all the thrills came all the spills, with more news than ever of visits to Hospitals and numerous injuries, luckily none serious and with happy ending and great stories added to the box for future use.

With all the above in mind a few of us started on a conversation which we had no idea where it would end. We opened a discussion on how to make things a little safer for new comers and old school alike. There were many great ideas (some a little way out there) all were taken on board and a calculated choice was made which could be taken forward to all future races across the country.

Speckarts was born, the idea was helped on its way with a little help from our friends across the pond. They have been running a similar idea for a few years, after coming across the same problem with they’re advancement as well.

The idea is to produce Karts which will fundamentally be identical to each other (bar a few personalised elements). The carts should be able to accommodate 99% of people and even to last 1% we should be able find a solution. With a safe, tested design for everyone to build to (and we can keep track of) there should be a notable reduction in accidents and injuries, hopefully reducing insurances for each race and making the whole sport more accessible

Andy, Julian and Craig have worked now for over a year to finalise a design that is, safe, easy and economical to build and maintain. The design is being tested throughout 2017 to iron out any problems and ensure we have everything in place.

Plans have been drawn up for others to copy for a small fee (only to cover our minor development costs). Most parts are available from the shop here on our site or the entire cart can be produced by yourselves. All prices are based on no profit and simply cover materials and labour only. We want to try and encourage all participants to try and build the majority of the Kart to ensure future maintenance can be achieved, only key components being bought which would normally be outside the capacity of a hobby builder.

We want our sport to carry on way into the future as we all love what it achieves. With these Karts in place we hope it can continue safely for the next generation.