Frames made to Speckart design, ready for all other items to be bolted on. 

Speckart Wheels/rims

Included:- 4No 8″ rims to suit Speckart hubs

Speckarts Stub Axles

Included:- 4No. Stub Axles, Front and Rear

Speckarts Tyres and Inner Tubes

Incuded:- 4No. Kenda tyres to suit Speckart rims and 4No inner tubes.

Speckart Hubs

Included:- 4x Specialist Machined Hubs

Speckart Axles

Included:- Front and Rear Axles

Speckart Starter Kit

Included:- Drawings, Parts list, Brake Fixings, SKS Stickers, QR Stickers and Registration Plate.